About Us


Church Farm General Store, founded in 2013 in Billinudgel, began with a barren property surrounding an old timber church. Andrew Morris and his four boys embarked on transforming the land, planting native trees and creating bountiful garden beds. The surplus of chilies, tomatoes, cucumbers and herbs sparked Andrew's culinary creativity, leading to the creation of unique sauces. This abundance gave rise to the idea of crafting a whole range of homemade products. What began as a modest roadside stall eventually blossomed into an online general store.

Our journey has led us to a presence at local farmers markets and the establishment of our own commercial kitchen, run by a team of good humans putting good vibes into everything we make. Despite our growth, we remain committed to small-batch, high-quality creations, crafted with love. Church Farm General Store is not just a business; it's a passionate endeavor, supporting local farmers while cultivating food and crafting genuine products from scratch.

Thank you for joining us on this journey.  

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